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The world’s first consumer magazine in print dedicated to perfumes and fragrances — ParfumPlus — this ultra-premium magazine gives the reader a larger-than-life experience of the brands visuals.

ParfumPlus Apps

For the one’s who like to have everything important in their smart gadgets…


Use the VisionPlus apps to stay updated with the latest news from the eyewear industry including popular trends, latest designs and a lot more at all points of time. Simply click on the tab below to download the app today!

ParfumPlus Blog

Keeps you informed 24/7 with fashion updates, news, views and reviews, and interviews with prominent professionals in the optical industry

Join the ParfumPlus Social Network
Join the ParfumPlus Social Network

You can also catch up with the latest news in the Fragrance World through the ParfumPlus Facebook and Twitter pages.

Just click on the liks below to join us!



SUBSCRIBE to get the latest fashion updates, news, and reviews of the optical industry at your doorstep! (Suscription only available for VisionPlus India)

₹1 year – 90 Dhs

(4 issue to be delivered within UAE)

1 year – 425 Dhs

(4 issue to be delivered to countries beyond UAE)

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